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May 11, 2013

Outsourcing Take 2

On September 24, 2011, I wrote the following: Outsourcing to China!

I bumped into a friend at the library today.  His life is changing in many ways.  In addition to expecting their second child, he's been laid off because his job has been outsourced to China.  Are we really still doing that?  US companies continue to take jobs away from hard working US citizens in order to avoid paying taxes that support our society, and on top of that, they pay hard working people in other countries next to nothing for a job well done.  How are any of us to survive?  Fortunately for my friend, his company has decided to pay their US employees tuition for new job training.

I'm sad to report that this trend continues. Earlier this year, IBM notified many of its workers that their jobs were being moved to its New York headquarters and to Mexico.* This, of course, is being blamed on the "declining economy." I guess the good news is that all of the jobs aren't being outsourced; some will remain within the U.S. In fact, it just may be that U.S. companies are beginning to see the value in keeping many jobs here at home.

Check out this Minute MBA video that highlights the disadvantages of outsourcing for companies and businesses.

*IBM Moving 200 Rochester production jobs to N.Y., Mexico

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