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May 4, 2013

Feeling Down and Needing a Bit of Cheer

Despite the title, I'm not going to share why I'm down. Those of you who need to know already do. And if you know me but don't know what I'm talking about, please give me a call.

For everyone else, it is enough to know that I'm feeling down and am looking for cheer wherever it may be found. My husband knows this well, and two nights ago, he did what writers do best. He wrote to me and made me smile.

It was May 2, and a snowstorm had hit with a vengeance. I'm not kidding.

That night, my husband recalled the last time we'd had a big snowstorm and realized he'd have to dig his car out the next morning. The only problem with that was that the shovel was in the trunk of my car, and I would be leaving before him. He asked me to please leave the shovel for him the next morning. I told him it would be best if he wrote me a note and put it by my Kindle which I always take to work.

I said, "Just put the word 'shovel' on a scrap of paper. That will be enough."

Here's the note he left.


I will require some manner of implement, though not a spoon, not a slide rule, and even a spade would not be quite the correct tool to remove the copious amount of frozen water that fell from the sky on Thursday. Perhaps a plastic device, one much like the collapsible one to be found in your car's trunk, meant for moving quantities of earth or (previously mentioned) snow.

So please remember to take the time to remove said item from the boot of your automobile and deposit it in our kitchen. Right next to the door would suffice.

My honest appreciation,
Your husband,
J.A.Y., I, Esquire

P.S. I do believe the word I had searched for earlier is SHOVEL.

*If you enjoyed reading this note, you may also enjoy his novel, Unrequited by Jay Merin.


  1. Excellent sense of humor! He's a keeper.

  2. I love the humour your husband displayed that obviously lifted your spirits a bit. I hope they stay lifted and whatever is getting you down soon clears. If not, get him to display a bit more of the humour again.
    xx Hugs xx