Crossroads of Humanity

S.L. Wallace

It's very nice to meet you. I hope you'll enjoy your visit! Let me take a moment to introduce myself.

One thing you must know about me is that I've never followed the crowd. What's in this season? Well, I know what season it is, and I enjoy every season to the fullest, but as far as fashion is concerned, I could care less. Will it stand up to a sandpit volleyball game with friends? Will it be comfortable when I plop down on the ground with my little girl? Can I wear it while taking a walk in the woods without worry of stains or tears?

This is my world.

If everybody's doing it, I shy away, at least until it's no longer "the latest thing."

If you can't live without it. I probably can.

If everybody wants it. I can think of plenty of reasons to avoid it.

Let's face it, I don't see the world the way TV producers think I should. Would you like to see the world through my eyes? Then come on in.