Crossroads of Humanity

Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and by the way...

A great big Happy Halloween to everyone out there!

While we're on the subject of holidays, if you haven't seen this link, you might want to check it out!

Oct 23, 2011

Price of a Bounty - Now in Paperback!

My latest novel, Price of a Bounty, is now available in paperback.  If you haven't read it, please check it out!Price of a Bounty at Create Space (Amazon)

Oct 19, 2011

Are people really so self-centered?

What's wrong with people?  As a little girl lay bleeding in the street, after being hit not once, but twice!  Many claimed they didn't even see her.  Others said they saw a little girl bleeding and crying in the street but didn't want to get involved.  Only one woman - ONE - picked her up and moved her to safety.  She is being hailed as a hero.  In that same situation, I would hope that we would all do as she did.  And, had I been the one in either vehicle, I would have stopped immediately to try and help fix a wrong.  What kind of person drives away after hitting a child, after hitting anyone for that matter?  We need to find our humanity!
Chinese girl - hit and run

Oct 7, 2011

Three women's rights activists share Nobel Peace Prize

is a top news story today, as it should be.  It recognizes important strides towards achieving peace in our world.  Understanding the importance of that, I was struck by some of the words in the article...  "Rights group Amnesty International said the award would encourage women everywhere to continue fighting for their rights."  Do you see it?  The word is "fighting."  In an article about three amazing women who are all working hard to live in peaceful societies, someone else describes what they're doing as fighting - the opposite of peace.  How odd...  I am glad to see that none of the people who were directly quoted used the word fighting.  "Why not?" you may ask.  "Isn't that what they're doing?"  Nope.  It's exactly what they're trying to avoid.