Crossroads of Humanity

Aug 13, 2012

Author Nicole Hill's world of Paranormal Romance: Indie Author Spotlight

In honor of my latest interview, I decided to post an excerpt from Price of a Bounty.  Keira is one of the main characters.  She's a Freelancer - think bounty hunter/thief - who has decided to join the Resistance.  This scene takes place right after she unexpectedly bumped into Eberhardt on another job.  Eberhardt has been a member of the Resistance for quite awhile but is a supporting character.  Keira is driving.  When you're done, please take a moment to check out the interview at Author Nicole Hill's World of Paranormal Romance: Indie Author Spotlight

After we dropped her off, Eberhardt turned on me. “What the hell were you doing back there?”

“The same thing you were, apparently.”

“But why? You work for the Resistance now.”

I turned my head away from the road and stared at him just long enough to make my point. “Work for the Resistance? What work have I been given to do exactly? It's not like I haven't asked! I need to keep my skills sharp. I need to keep in practice. What would you have me do?”

“Train with me,” he suggested.


“I know what you're going through. Do you think I just sit around in the car all day?”

I shook my head, surprised at his outburst.

“I get it. You're bored. You want to be where the action is. So come train with us.”


“Yes, the other Raiders and me. We practice regularly, to keep our skills sharp.”

I pulled into the garage beneath Guy's apartment and stopped the car. Then I turned to face Eberhardt completely.

“What about keeping everyone's identity a secret?”

“Yes, that's important too, but it's also important to practice working together. Remember what I said about backup?”

I nodded.

“We practice in small groups,” he continued. “None of the Raiders know all of the other Raiders, and most of them have never met Guy, but we do form networks. To start, you can work with me and the girl you met tonight.”

“Thanks, I guess. I might just take you up on that. But...”


“Why didn't you tell me about this before?”

“I should have. It's just…Guy didn't want it that way. I've got your back now though.” He exited the car, and then walked around to open the door for me.

What a strange thing for him to say. I thought he already had my back.

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