Crossroads of Humanity

Jul 24, 2012

Brief Description of Prizes

3 Lucky Winners of my Giveaway will win their choice of ebook packages. Please scroll down to the next post and add your comments about dystopian literature.

Package #1: 1984 by George Orwell and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Two classics of dystopian literature. "Big Brother is watching," is a common phrase that comes from 1984, and Fahrenheit 451 describes a future in which books have been banned.

Package #2: The Giver and Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry
These two companion YA novels tell of a future in which some communities have chosen strict control over the citizens while others rely on survival of the fittest.

Both packages will also include ebooks of the Reliance on Citizens trilogy by S.L. Wallace: Price of a Bounty, Canvas Skies and Heart of Humanity.
My trilogy examines a future in which there is no middle class. The reader gets to experience the Divide through a variety of viewpoints offered by different characters. As the trilogy progresses, the Resistance works to close the Divide and bring everyone together. The final book, to be released later this year, examines the consequences on a variety of people of all ages.


  1. I loved The Time Machine. I think Dysopian is a facscinating way to explore our current world and to hash out the price of our neverending quest of "improving" societies.

  2. Stopping by to say hello--hope it's going well! Cheryl

  3. I love the Hunger Games Trilogy! I love reading about Dystopian societies and thinking about what "could be" in the future. I am very glad to have found your blog. I've been looking for something new to read this summer and can't wait to read your books!


  4. I love Dystopian, but my all-time fav is 1984 with Hunger Games a close second. What I like about Dystopian is that it can make us consider the faults in our current society by shining a spot light on vital issues we may not think about on a daily basis. Dystopian novels make us THINK! I will definitely check yours out! :)