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Feb 1, 2014

Books, a Reflection of Society

I've gone on a futile search, so now I'm asking for your help. I cannot be the only person who has realized that books are a reflection of society, but search as I may, I cannot find a single quote of that nature.

I do know that during WWII, the comic book industry really took flight. And it stands to reason. It was a time in human history, when people craved heroes who could swoop in and save the day.

So what do we crave today? What does this surge in dystopian literature tell us about our society? What do demands for more fantasy novels tell us about ourselves? These questions have no easy answers, but they are worth considering.

Right now, there is an event dedicated to fantasy and sci fi readers worldwide. If these types of questions stir your heart, why don't you jump in and join in the conversation or listen to what some of the characters have to say. There will also be a number of games and contests to enjoy.

The Rafflecopter to the right, is part of the Fantastical Reads Event.

And in the meantime, if my questions have sparked some of your own, or if you have some answers, please leave a comment. I hope to see you at the Fantastical Reads week long event, starting today.

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