Crossroads of Humanity

Nov 10, 2013

Under Pressure

Pressure, building up...
Pushing in from every angle.
Pressing out from within.
Waking in the dark, breaths constricted,
Knowing I've stopped breathing, in the night.

Help me!

Need to find an outlet.

Not silent. Not at all.
Crying out, again and again, "Help me!"

Telling exactly what I need, to feel:

Words misunderstood.
Meanings twisted and misread.

Standing strong.
Keeping it together.
For my sanity.
For us...
For her...

This can only last so long.
Before I reach a breaking point.

An argument, left to hibernate for the winter.
Supposed to revisit it the next fall.
Staying strong, I let it drop,
And wept silent tears.
But not forever.

Asking for help one more time.
Anger bursts the calm evening silence.
No help here.
This time I am ready,
Holding firm, standing strong.

Still standing strong.
Keeping it together.
For my sanity.
For me...
For her...
This too will only last so long.

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