Crossroads of Humanity

Dec 9, 2012

Seven fabulous books, half a dozen ways to win!

Welcome to the 2012 Holiday Blog Hop! Many ways to play, up to 10 chances to win on this page. Many more contests through the hop!

One lucky person will receive a $10 Amazon gift card plus a copy of the following ebooks: If Only by Robin Nadler, The Temple by Heather Marie Adkins, Letters from a Bipolar Mother by Alyssa Reyans, Wicked Sense by Fabio Bueno, Big Dragons Don't Cry by C.M. Barrett, Chosen by Jolea M. Harrison, and Canvas Skies by S.L. Wallace.

Winners will be selected using and once contacted, the winner will have seven days to claim their prize package.


You will receive one entry for each action. To make sure I don't miss anyone, please also send me an email with the words HOLIDAY HOP in the subject line, letting me know which ones you did. Send to:
  • Follow me on Twitter: @authorSLWallace
  • Like my FB fanpage: Reliance on Citizens
  • Friend me on FB: Sarah L. Wallace
  • Follow this blog
  • Think of five friends who would enjoy one of the books in the prize package and send them here! Crossroads of Humanity
  • EXTRA! EXTRA! Participate in the Scavenger Hunt below and comment with your responses for 5 additional entries! (Comments won't be made public until the end of the Hop!)
  1. If Only, book 2 in the Family by Choice series by Robin Nadler is a contemporary fiction story of triumph and hope. Brittany and Tommy learn that existing is not the same as living, and sometimes we really do deserve more. Visit Nadler's Novels and then post a response to the following question. Why is the character of Brittany a hard sell?
  2. The Temple by Heather Marie Adkins is a paranormal mystery. Vale Avari is an exceptional woman with a long list of superpowers. However, when people start dying mysteriously in her new hometown, she is determined to prove that there is nothing supernatural about it! Visit Heather Marie Adkins: Where Witchcraft and Writing Collide and post a response to the question, How many Vale Avari novels has Ms. Adkins written to date, and what are their titles?
  3. Letters from a Bipolar Mother by Alyssa Reyans is a nonfiction novella based on her own experience. Covering a span of five years, Alyssa Reyans shares both her pain and strength in a struggle against an incurable illness that many women today also share. Visit Alyssa Reyans: A Writer Unread and respond to the following: Where is Alyssa originally from, and where does she live now?
  4. Wicked Sense by Fabio Bueno is a YA paranormal romance. She was looking for a mighty witch; she found a guy with rock-hard abs and a sense of humor. Not bad. Visit Fabio Bueno, author: Dream Hard and respond to the following question. When was Wicked Sense officially released?
  5. Big Dragons Don't Cry (A Dragon's Guide to Destiny) by C.M. Barrett is a fantasy novel about a water dragon, a young woman, a kitten, and the guardian of Oasis. Somehow these four must overcome communication difficulties, mutual mistrust, and delusions of human superiority to save the country of Oasis. Visit A Dragon's Guide to Destiny and answer the following: How many books has C.M. Barrett written and which one sounds most interesting to you?
  6. Chosen by Jolea M. Harrison is a fantasy adventure about a young man who must come to terms with his life when he's barely become a spirit. Visit Author Jolea M. Harrison and answer this question: Which photograph of Ms. Harrison's do you like best?


  1. Hi, Sarah! This hop is lots of fun. And so many prizes! Thanks for including my novel in the promotion. Waiting eagerly for the visiting hunters :-)
    BTW, "Price of a Bounty" has such an arresting cover. Eye-catching. Congrats!

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    Question 1 – Flawed which makes her difficult – but juxtapose that against her giving nature. Add in a touch of HIV positive and all of the associated ‘baggage’ with that – and there are some who will write off the character. Transgressive is difficult to write

    Question 2 : The Temple, and The Trickster – total of 2

    Question 3 – born down south, now lives overseas with her husband

    Question 4 – 10 September, 2012

    Question 5 – I count 6 books – and while I love dragons (and have book 1 of that series) I also adore cat stories – so Cats in Command is high up there.

    Question 6 - The photo from the storm – with the icicles over the window – I remember storms that did that!

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  12. Thank you to everyone who has entered my contest so far and to everyone who is participating in the Holiday Blog Hop. If I've posted information you do not want made public, please let me know. If you posted responses to the Scavenger Hunt, rest assured that you have received 5 additional entries into this contest. I'll make those comments public on Saturday. Also, a big thank you to everyone who has sent me an email at letting me know how you entered. I'm pretty sure I've got everyone else as well, especially if you entered in multiple ways. Good luck, everyone! :)

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