Crossroads of Humanity

Feb 15, 2012

1000 Words Wausau Flash Fiction

     Sunlight glinted through the open window. A cool breath of spring air followed close behind. Inside the tank, it was a balmy 76°. Ripples moved gently overhead.
    "Here they come!" thought Tessie with trepidation. Her black skirt caught on some coral as Danny and Dan zoomed by.
     "Jousting again," said Tessie's best friend, Tessa, referring to the crazy antics of the Zebra Danios. Daniel hurried past, pausing to salute the girls before taking off after his friends.
     "Let's go. Don't want to be late!" said Tessa.
     "I do," grumbled Tessie. "I thought school was where we were supposed to go to learn."
     "We do!" chirped Tessa. "Don't we?"
     "Don't you remember yesterday?"
     "Hmm...not really. Don't you just love this striped skirt?" Tessa twirled around, showing off her fins.
     "It's the same outfit you wear every day," Tessie reminded her, "and it's beautiful! Now about yesterday, none of them meant business. They jousted with each other and chased us all day. Don't you want to learn anything? Don't you want to be somebody?"
     "Of course, but would grammar matter if I can catch Daniel's attention another way?" Tessa replied with a shy smile.
     Even if Tessa was superficial, she certainly had a lot of pluck. She was also kind, unlike those conniving Mollies, always huddled in the corner, gossiping amongst themselves.
     Tessa gazed through the transparent wall toward the books on the other side of the den. She resolved to cleave to her principles and get a good education.

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