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Jan 31, 2012

Helping Children

This is new and very worthy project created by Matthew and Danielle Drake.I will let them tell you what this is all about:

Kourageous Kids Storybooks.

My husband and I have been writing for a long time. It’s a passion, always has been, always will be. Recently, a friend found out her son has to have surgery.

Our own story for him was unique, it featured him as the hero. His mom confided that he loves science and horror. So, after thinking about it, we wrote him a story about zombies. He learned that people were becoming zombies due to a lack of Malic acid and that apple juice was a sure cure. So, armed with a squirt gun, his little cuz, and a helpful officer, he saved the world in his short story.

So the idea of writing perfectly tailored stories for children was born. The stories will be personally handed over to the parent to read to, or let their child read. Pictures the parents provide will be made into illustrations, so the child is even pictured as the hero. In every way they are the focus of their story.

When we get ten or so stories written we will publish an anthology, those will be available for purchase. Proceeds made from the anthology sales will be donated to Stand Up To Cancer and the National Children's Cancer Society.

The service is FREE to families, and we are taking names now.

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