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Nov 20, 2011

Very Old LIFE Magazines

Once again, I was flipping through those old Life magazines I wrote about in September.  This headline, from the May 18, 1959 edition of LIFE sounds timely if you just change the names.  "A National Threat: Hoffa's Teamsters - Part I: Sources of a Union's Uncurbed Power."

Sadly, for those who consider unions to be a threat, I'm one of the scary people.  Yes, I am a teacher.  I work my butt off 9 months of the year, working well over 40 hours per week, with few breaks during the day (some days, I get no break due to our limited staff numbers).  And, yes, people have told me that I deserve less than I earn and less health coverage.  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  Shouldn't we be fighting  to pay workers what they're worth and for better benefits for everyone?  Or are teachers really worth so little?  With the union busting that occurred earlier this year, most school districts in our state no longer have teachers' contracts.  Instead teachers are given a "handbook."  In a matter of months, school districts throughout our state became vastly unequal.  One district lowered all teacher salaries to beginner year teacher salary.  Another decided to implement a staff dress code: suits for the men and dresses or skirts for the women.  The list goes on and on and nothing is as it was.

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